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A Creative Production House that develops marketing initiatives from idea to delivery. Focussed solely on creative integrity to deliver marking solutions with innovative concepts that captivate the imagination. The process of developing an idea is the key to delivering results that are original, consistent and always on brand

Ideas Agency

We are ideas people. Or passion is developing works of art that inspire.


Forward Thinking

Keeping up to date with the latest technologies and trends keeps us at the top of our game delivering exciting relevant work.

Problem Solvers

At the start of each project we do not have all the answers. This is what we live for. Through discussion, client involvement and development we care able to deliver the perfect product.

We Love What We Do

We are what we deliver. We are creative artist who love what we do. We don’t work because we love what we do. We love creativity, we love art.

We Create Art

Ed Gregory

Ed Gregory

Creative Director

Ed has worked in the creative industries for over 10 years and has become an expert in a number of areas. Starting out as a performer (A classically trained ballet dance from age 3) he achieved great heights culminating in him performing for 7 years as a Blue Man for the internationally acclaimed Blue Man Group. With Blue Man Group he was very much on the performance side of things giving a unique and vital viewpoint of the creative industries. Working on large scale productions in Germany,a European Tour, New York and the largest entertainment cruise ship in the world Ed has been the centre of a creative team. He has worked on National commercial campaigns as a performer and gained substantial experience in production and client delivery.

Away from the stage Ed has been an active photographer for over 10 years and has worked on creative projects the world over. He has worked as a photographer for the National Theatre in Mexico, shot cover for magazines and worked on commercial photo and video campaigns.

His  video work has taken him around the globe making documentaries for the international charity ‘Raliegh International’. He has partnered with CokeCola, the ‘British Chamber of Commerce’ in the UK as well as many businesses to deliver world class work.

Ed is a serial entrepreneur. He has successfully started a number of companies from a theatre company in the UK which he closed when he moved to New York. Her currently is a partner (with Scott) in a Las Vegas street marketing company which has achieved more than 50,000 ticket sales for brands like Mama Mia, Rock Of Ages, Blue Man Group and Illusionists. He is the founder and owner of the photography education site photosincolor.com which has exciting growth. stokpic.com is another site he founded which has had more than 30,000 downloads since its inception in 2014.

Needless to say Ed first got inspired by ballet at age 3 and has done nothing but worked in the creative industries. Although his travels have led him to live in over 10 countries and visit more than 35 countries he is excited to build his studio her in Las Vegas.

‘Las Vegas is a young city with a lot of talent and a growing community. Its like New York or London in the 60’s. Its a growing city with a huge amazon of talent. I want to be a part of it development and growth. Las Vegas is now my home.’

We R Las Vegas