Adult Children

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Project Description

Las Vegas photographer ed Gregory had the fun idea of creating a twist to traditional headshots. Thanks to some post production at our Las Vegas studio, we were able to create our ‘Adult Children. At the end of the day, we are all kids at heart!

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What we loose to become adults

When we become adults we are forced to give up certain elements of our childish behaviour, Ed predicts this to be about 20%. This means that 20% of who we have spent our earliest years developing into and 20% of our personality as children must be left behind or altered to be accepted as an adult.

What if this wasn’t necessary, what if we kept those childish elements, what if we were adult children.

In these 20 large format prints artist Ed Gregory demonstrates this awkward impossibility of adults holding onto their childish traits by showing regular adults with childlike proportions.

These somewhat odd and childlike creations have been created using just one change, a 20% increase in head size. Using just this simple adjustment Ed manages to show the vast change in perception between adult and child.

These odd creations show the awkwardness of childlike expression on an adult body. Ed asks his subjects to show the basic emotions of Joy and sadness, which, in most situations, are seen in public only on the faces of children. As adults we are often expected not to show the extremes of emotion in public. Children on the other are almost celebrated for their almost unfathomable range of basic emotion.

This interactive exhibition is hung 20% higher giving the viewer a childlike perspective and requires the viewer to not just stand and look at the work but to be present in the moment and take part. Entering the space you are forced to take on a child’s perspective and requested to take back some of your childhood habits and for a short time they will all be acceptable. Tantrums, rolling around on the floor and showing you base emotions are all ok in this exhibition. In fact they are celebrated.

One thing we all have in common is we were all children. For some of us it seems like a long time ago but lets not fear our inner child, lets take back that childhood energy and become ‘Adult Children’.