Case Study


In this case study we will use the ‘Miracle Pill’ by the ‘Goo Goo Dolls’ music video as an example. On this project In Color Studios took care of creative, pre production, the production shoot days and all post production delivering the project to spec, on time and on budget.

Project Details

Client: Warner Records
Artist: Goo Goo Dolls
Time: 38 Days (Concept to Delivery)
Deliverable: Mastered 4k Music Video
Production Company: IN.COLOR.STUDIOS


Producers (in house and onsite)
Set Design/Art Direction
Wardrobe/Lighting supply
Camera department

Watch the final video below

1. Ideation

Our in house creative team developed a number of concepts through our ideation process. This highly creative process is done behind closed doors where we have established a safe ‘anything goes’ environment. No idea is too crazy, too ‘out their’ or even too boring.

We consider the artist, the genre, style, lyrics, story and energy helping us arrive and a final 1 or 2 ideas. We flesh them out and get ready to pitch. Here is the basic Treatment for the ideas that was ultimately chosen. 

Oh! and we like to pitch in person on over video!


2. Design and Construction

Sometimes in production there is a need for set builds, creative design and special effects and pre testing. For this music video we had to design from scratch a way for pinto to accurately pour down a wall. This brought with it some specific issues like the inertia of paint, density of the mix, ability to pour on cue and from a height of 12 ft. Our in house carpentry team designed and built a paint dispenser that met all these requirements.

3. Production Departments

While we are able to cover a number of departments in house we are also able to bring in all aditional departments required for a shoot. Between in house and departments we brought in we were able to supply the client ‘Warner records’ with the following on set divisions.


Using our in house direction team we were able to control the entire creative process ensuring we delivered on the initial concept. 

Lighting and Grip

A challenge for this shoot for lighting the white room while keeping depth and dimension to the scene. We delivered full lighting design for the shoot including live lighting Effects. Having a live lighting engineer on sign meant that we could do live lighting changes during the shoot which helped to added depth a and dimension to the shoot. The Gaffer for the shoot was the John Braderic who is well know in the LA film industry.

Camera Department

Choosing the right cameras and right creative operators is vital to a projects success. This project was an interesting one as once the set was ‘wet’ we had an extremely limited time and number o shots to get what we needed. We decided to shoot on an Epic Helium  8k sensor for camera A and Red Gemini 5k for Camera B and C. We chose RED for their versatile R3D codec and Varispeed allowing us to shoot at 1/4 speed.  

We have access to some of the best DP’s and camera ops in the industry. For this project we worked with the critically acclaimed Jakob Owens, William Rouse and Daniel James. 

Set design/Build

Designing the set in house meant we were able to get the exact look and eel we wanted. We had to have a complete custom set built that wet 16ft wide 16ft deep and 12ft tall. We needed the extra height for the paint to fall freely and to help five the correct shape/scale to the room. This was built on set in a single day and packed down in a few our after the shoot.  Check out the time-lapse below. 


Wardrobe is one of the most important parts o the creative vision and we work with some o the top designers in the industry. For this shoot we used both catwalk and off the rack custom looks. We also required and additional custom ‘paint effect’ look for the paint reversal scene. 

Permits and Insurance

We took care of the correct city permits for the shoot. We also hold all city location, vehicle and public liability insurance including workers comp and additional required rental insurance for projects of this scale. We are able to fulfill any aditional insurance or permit requirements necessary on a project by project basis. 

Catering and Production Services 

We can arrange catering for the production. In this case we provided catering for 2 full set days. For this shoot we catered breakfast lunch, dinner and snacks for up to 28 people. Each meal different from the one before for variety and to keep the team energized, focussed and happy. 

Special FX 

This shoot required us to create a ‘wet set’ environment. This added a number of complications for the shoot. Firstly we had to cover most of the huge set in plastic to protect the studio, set and equipment from any paint damage. Then we needed to take into account that once the set wast a ‘wet set’ our time would be limited and we wouldn’t be able to go back to the plain white set. This required a precise shot list, timed wardrobe changes and multi cam recording for safety as reshooting wouldn’t be possible. 

4. Post Production

We also took care of all Post production in House. Following onsite DIT and backup at the LA studio we then transferred to out Las Vegas Production Studio. We have the ability to edit in both FCPX and Premier Pro in house. For this project we worked within the Adobe Premier ecosystem. We had consistent communication with the table thought the process sending updates of the edit along the way. 


1.5 TB of footage

103 Video files


16 Days to edit

In House BTS

With the continued focus on content for social media we can provide a dictated Behind The Scenes shooter. For this shoot we hot both stills and a behind the scenes video that was delivered to the client who posted it online for increased visibility. 

We are an ideas agency who can take on an entire project or fulfill a single part of the creative process. At IN.COLOR.STUDIOS we utilize our powerful in-house production team to deliver what the client wants, on time and on budget. 

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