It's not the camera! It's everything that happens around it!

Not all content is made equal!

67% of consumers say the quality of a product image is ‘very important’ when selecting and purchasing a product

We know that in this growing visual economy we need content that stands out. ‘Content is king right’… wrong… ‘the right contentment is king’.

“85% of adults consume content on multiple devices at the same time”. This means it’s getting harder to stand out and just producing more content is no longer good enough. It will just get swiped away, X’d off or completely ignored.

With the increase of visual content there is a sharp increase in ‘content fatigue’ making it essential for brands to seriously commit to creating exceptional content. Studies have found that adults see more the 5k advertisements per day causing people to tune out, skip adds or just let it go by unnoticed. 

This is a serious problem for businesses like yours.

The immediate reaction is to quickly create content to flood the market. The problem is that this content is is likely to be low quality,  lack planning and not be bold enough to stand out. This type of content disappears as quickly as its created. Unnoticed. 

We don’t create pointless fluff – Our content is BOLD, COURAGEOUS and DEFINITIVE.

A single photo can speak a thousand words but to achieve this the photo needs depth, story and thought. Make a photo a part of a complete marketing campaign and it can continue to tell your story for years. Our professional photographers work with your business and our in house creative team to deliver photography that have vision and style.

Photography Needs A Process – Here’s Ours

We don’t leave any thing to chance but don’t shy away from spontaneous magic. It has taken our team years to develop and perfect our professional photography shorthand and process. We have learned that planning is they key to guaranteed success every time. With the correct full circle pre production we are prepared for whatever challenges are thrown at us on shoot day. We focus strongly on the clients concept and desires while allowing the creativity of the day to influence the energy. We create the right vibe for a shoot so our photographers can do their magic. 

Discovery Session

This is where we hear about your business, your goals and what you want to achieve through professional photography. In this session we will also look at your current and future creative vision,  marketing strategies and business goals. The more we get to know you the better we can deliver compelling photography for your business. Our aim here is to understand how we fit together on the creative scale. At one end we focus on your clear view of what you want us to shoot, and on the other end you want complete creative consultancy and development. No matter how you want to work with us we can are able to work with your business.  We are creative experts but you know your business best so collaboration is key here.


Next our team gets together to brainstorm the best and most creative ways of making your vision a reality. This is session is always behind closed doors with an ‘anything goes’ policy. We all put everything on the table, all ideas, concepts and thoughts. Nothing is wrong here. The goal is to find the most eye catching, original and on-brand ideas possible.

We always come back to what we learned during the discovery session to ensure we are meeting your goals and hitting the brief. We usually include all our creative departments in this ensure we come up with the best creative results. 


It’s time to nail down the greatest ideas and draft some concepts for you. These can include mood boards design ideas and concept sketches. Next you can select the ones you want to move forward with. This stage is really exciting as we are choosing what we are going to shoot.  

The Shots

Its all down to the details and planning. At this point we work out all the necessary shots, talent, location, lighting, camera and lens selections, transport and more. Our producers bring everything together to ensure our professional photographers and team have everything they need to deliver on the concepts.

Location & Talent

Thanks to our producers we know exactly what we need for a shoot now we just have to find the right talent and location. We have a database of talent as well as connections to local and national agencies to make talent hiring simple. For locations we have our own 7,000sqft production space with a dedicated 35ft cyclorama, paper backdrops and mini-sets we can shoot in. For locations we pretty much travel anywhere to shoot so we can find out what works best for the concept and budget. Oh and we also arrange permits too. Phew!!!


Everything is taken care of here. We ensure we get everything needed with shoot schedules and pre planning. Our shoot days are always a lot of fun and everything leaves having a great time. If you want to join us on set we would love to have you there so you can be a part of the process and your input is always welcome. We want to ensure that the results are perfectly married to your vision so we take a wide variety of shots on the day(s). Its digital so e definitely overshoot to guarantee the project is a high success.

Contacts & Proofs

Its time to make your decision. As quickly as possible after the shoot (often the next day) you will get the proofs from the shoot ready for you to make your perfect selection. Feel free to get input from your team to get as many perspectives as possible. But don’t share anything publicly as you will ruin the impact of your final campaign. Its about setting the best images to create a board range of assets for your campaigns. We keep all raw files so you can always select more in the future. 

Photo Editing & Delivery

Its time to take these RAW images and apply the magic finishing touches to make them perfect for your business. We are not fans of over editing and like to keep things looking real. Our motto is ‘a photo should look that it was taken under the perfect conditions’. This means its not edited to be fake, just the best it could be on the very best day.  But this is your company and we can edit to your specifications if necessary. 

Your photos will be delivered to you in the highest resolution possible meaning you have no lik=mits to how you can use them today or in the future. 


We are marketing specialists so we can also help deliver your campaign. This may just mean delivering your professional photos in multiple formats for print, web, instagram, stories and digital ads. It can also mean that we take care of the actual distribution like posting, setting up google display ads or facebook/youtube/social marketing platforms.  

Creativity need vision – Here’s Ours

We are a team of creators who strive to to make informed decisions on what we do and how we do it. We don’t leave anything to chance but don’t shy away from impulsive actions. 

Our photography is bold, courageous and definitive. Nothing is too big or too hard. If it needs sweat and tears, we have it. 

Our visual palette is curated by our clients and directed towards what people respond too. Our professional photography has purpose and is never the idea of a single person. We are a creative agency who empowers the entire team to voice their ideas on projects. Chose to work with the In Color Studios creative team and you are choosing to create a visually unique look for your branded content.   If you want out of the box then we are the team for you. If you know what you want and then we can deliver your perfect visual content, on-time, on-budget and on-brand… every time. 

Just like you, our work is always original.